Graff.Funk exists since 2012 and was founded in Leipzig, Germany by graffiti enthusiasts. Without a specific plan, we simply presented the best international graffiti pics on Instagram and Facebook, art we just loved. Over the years, Graff.Funk grew and now counts more than 400,000 followers on social media.

Always committed to the artists and culture with the utmost respect, grafffunk.com is now a free digital museum and archive for graffiti and street art from all over the world. A place to come together, to immerse yourself in other cultures, styles, ideas and colors. A place of respect, of tolerance. An archive that uses all the possibilities of digitalization and makes the huge image database and the cultural heritage filterable and thus findable, shareable.

We are in active exchange with the culture and the international scene, are part of events, cooperate in many places with projects that we love, trying to be a part of this amazing culture. In 2023 we launched our first own products. We didn't want to just print our logo on random and interchangeable merchandise, but develop meaningful products that make a real contribution to the scene and will be used on a daily basis. We are happy to present our ideas in our shop.

Chris, Fab & Fridtjof

From left to right: Fridtjof (Programming), Chris (Founder & Head of content), Fab (Overhead & Strategies)