STRAAT MUSEUM AMSTERDAM - Direction | Instruction

New group exhibition at one of the best museums for graffiti & street art worldwide.

WOW! The lineup of STRAAT Museum Amsterdam new exhibition looks awesome and like a must see. One of the top museums worldwide for graffiti and street art opens its doors for an extraordinary group exhibition called "Direction | Instruction". The exhibition features more than 25 contemporary artists from 11 countries.

A clear departure from the highly illustrative work that identifies the global mural genre, this exhibition celebrates abstraction, alternative materials, composition and language as counterpoint expressions in street art and graffiti. This also marks the first installment of this acclaimed group show in Europe.

The show can be seen from now on. Please visit for more info.

Here are some example works from the artists involved in the exhibition.

Battle Flags by EVAN HECOX

Wall Painting by BISCO SMITH

Rooftop Mural by TONY SJÖMAN



Mural by LINDZ & LAMB